Wrinkle Redeaux

Wrinkle Redeaux

Wrinkle Redeaux takes proven wrinkles reducers and hydrating elements to improve skin in ways no other wrinkles cream can. It is formulated from a French design and comes with great expectations to be effective.

Wrinkle Redeaux was originally created to reduce wrinkles and fine lines but it does so much more. This cream advertises evening skin tone, strengthening, smoothing, preventing new wrinkles from forming, reducing blemishes, hydrating, and firming. With clinically proven ingredients Wrinkle Redeaux is unique but does it actually work?

At a price of $79.99 Wrinkle Redeaux has very high potential to work, especially when formulated with peptides. Peptides are proven to reduce wrinkles through stimulating collagen production. Wrinkle Redeaux uses palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and palmitoyl oligopeptide for these purposes. However two peptides are not enough to significantly reduce wrinkles. At least three or four are needed.

Wrinkle Redeaux includes antioxidants in its formulation. Though they cannot reduce wrinkles, they can prevent premature aging. Clinically proven acids are also included to reduce dryness and lock in moisture. Alpha lipoic acid and sodium hyaluronate can plump skin and minimally reduce wrinkle appearance, but only temporarily.

Wrinkle Redeaux does not list any other ingredients, leading to skepticism if it works or not. Possible allergic reactions can result from unknown ingredients. This cream also does not give very much information on its product. In the end without enough of the right ingredients or the right information, Wrinkle Redeaux has a high possibility of being ineffective in treating wrinkles.

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March 27, 2015

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